Exercise Authority Over The Bed Bug With These Tips

Bed bugs are one of the tiniest insects that attack to suck the blood of humans or animals while sleeping. They are generally attracted to carbon dioxide that we humans or animals exhale. Not only that they are attracted to body heat as well as the smell. After sucking the blood, they again go to their hideout for hiding. We do understand that bed bugs control is not an easy job to do. But by following some preventive measures, it is possible to do bed bug control.

bed bug infestation
bed bug infestation

Integrated pest management

In many cases, pesticides do not work properly for the best pest  control. And that’s the reason, you need Integrated pest management to do proper bed bugs control. Integrated pest management is an approach that is sensitive to the environment. It totally depends on the knowledge about pests or some practices of common sense like monitoring, inspection, reducing clutter or sealing cracks, the barriers use, nontoxic methods, or careful and judicious use of pesticides, if there is any need.

  1. Environmental modification: You might not know but even regular vacuuming also helps to do bed bugs control. You should do thorough vacuuming everywhere properly in your home. And pay attention to those places where you think that bed bugs or other pests can hide. You can also prefer to use covers on box springs or mattresses. If you want to keep bed bugs away, then, you should keep your bed far from the wall, do check that your bed is not touching any side of the wall. For more effective results, we recommend you to use interceptors of bed bugs under your beds or other furniture. And removing clutter is an important step, you should not miss it. If you have found bed bugs on any of your things or belongings, then, you should seal them immediately into a plastic container or bag. Don’t forget to check for cracks because their bed bugs can be hiding.
  2. Non-chemical controls: If you are allergic to chemicals or pesticides, then, you should prefer using the non-chemical bed bug removal.. For bed bug control, you should wash your beddings or other clothing properly and regularly and after washing you should let it dry for at least 30 minutes at an extremely high temperature. If there is any small infestation, then, put it into your deep freezer for 2 days. Due to low temperature, bed bugs will die. If there is high infestation, then, you should prefer disposing of it.
  3. Monitoring: Monitoring is also an important step in bed bug control. You should always keep an eye on your upholstery items like bed or sofa. For keeping bed bugs away, interceptors will be very helpful.
  4. Treatments: There are many things you can use to do bed bug control, but most preferably recommended to use is diatomaceous earth, as it is a kind of a white powdery substance that kills bed bugs very efficiently.


So, these are some of the tips to exercise authority over bed bugs and do bed bugs control. Follow the above tips and get rid of bed bugs. To book an appointment  call us on 0720 004 287.