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Well, who likes cockroaches running around on their property. Cockroaches can be dangerous for the health of the people living on the premises. Cockroaches are mostly nocturnal and stay in dark only, which makes them harder to spot. But do not worry Pest Control Toowoomba has the staff that are unmatched cockroach exterminators in whole Toowoomba. Our staff is extremely experienced in identifying the type of roaches, where their nest can be, and also have all the needed knowledge to exterminate them and their nest. Call us at 07 2000 4287 anytime for assistance.

Types of cockroaches

There are literally 4500+ cockroaches species found all around the world. But thankfully not all of them live around us otherwise we would have been done for. Furthermore, there are thirty types of different cockroaches that live around humans all over the world. And there are 6 types of common cockroaches found in Australia.

  • Australian cockroach- This cockroach is smaller than the American cockroach but has the same brown colour with yellow lines around the necks.
  • American cockroach- These are the biggest of all the six cockroaches and are reddish-brown in colour. They also have yellow lines behind their heads.
  • Oriental cockroach-  This cockroach is dark brown in colour and also can be black. Females are generally larger in this breed but do not have wings like males.
  • German cockroach- The fastest of all the cockroaches of all the six. They are generally light or tan-brown in colour.
  • Brown-banded cockroach-  These are the smallest cockroaches of all the six. Also, they are invasive light to a dark colour on their body. 
  • Smokey brown cockroach- They are smokey brown in colour and are 2nd largest in size compared to all of six cockroaches. 

Different types of Cockroach Control Toowoomba our company cater

Cockroach inspection and removal

Cockroach inspection and removal are the best and most efficient for your property if you are spotting cockroaches way too often. So, call us right away if you want to remove cockroaches with the best company in town. 

Domestic cockroach control

We are the best cockroach control in the whole town. Our home cockroach control programs have never disappointed any single customer. Contact our professionals to take our domestic cockroach control.

Restaurant cockroach control

We provide special deals for the restaurant to cleanse all the cockroaches from your restaurant without affecting your schedule. So, call us the best cockroach exterminators in town to make your restaurant safe from roaches.

Pre-purchase cockroach inspection

Pre-purchase cockroach inspection will allow you to know all about the property, from any serious to every minor detail regarding roaches. Also, if you see any other pest infestation we will inform you right away. So, contact us immediately to know about the property before you buy or rent.

Emergency cockroach control services 

Our company provides emergency cockroach control service under which we arrive on the premises in less than an hour only.  Also, we start our inspection followed by treatment right away. Call us now to book our exclusive service.

Same day cockroach control

In this service, we arrive within 24 hours. We can be there at any time you want in the next 24 hours it’s on you to decide the time according to the time. Contact our expert’s team to book a session yourself now.

Why should you hire Pest Control Toowoomba as your cockroach exterminator

There are plenty of reasons why you should hire Pest Control Toowoomba company. Some of them are:

  • Modest prices – Our company is the best choice you can make, we provide the most outstanding services in the whole of Toowoomba. . Also we never charge more than it’s needed to. We always charge the fair prices we tell our customers.
  • On-time services – We are extremely punctual and we never arrive late, not even a minute. Our team can reach you early at your property to perform our duty but never late. We understand that our customers have a busy schedule just like us. 
  • Native cockroach controllers

We are cockroach controllers near you. We have been operating your company for many decades now. You will get the best cockroach control service.

  • All-day operations

We work all day and all night so that all of our suburb’s people can sleep peacefully without worrying about roaches roaming in their whole house spreading dangerous bacteria and viruses. 

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Case study 

Sheldon called us for the emergency pest control service at his home on Friday. We arrived there within 40 mins. It took our expert 1 hour to remove the roaches from his place. He thanked our team for performing such an extraordinary service and then he started to ask for our services regularly from now on. 

Why do we love to work in Toowoomba?

We love Toowoomba because it has excellent weather and climatic conditions. It is famous for its Ravensbourne national park. So we love to work here and hope we can serve you too.


Does my home insurance cover cockroach treatment?

No, your home insurance does not cover cockroach treatment and services.

Are DIYs effective on cockroaches

Well, they can just stop pests from entering your property but will not exterminate them with their nest.

Do you perform bait methods?

Yes, we also perform the bait method along with spray and other treatment methods.

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